Please, allow me to introduce our dedicated team so as to give you a better understanding of how our operation works.

---------------- MEET THE TEAM ----------------

Firstly, there’s yours truly, Mike Dando. I started the company with Daniel (who I’ll introduce in a moment) two years ago. Prior to launching Pro Racing Elite, I worked for more than 10 years at a leading bookmakers. That decade proved to be invaluable to our current venture as it provided me with numerous essential contacts as well as a detailed insight into the workings of the industry.
Daniel Giles
Next up, Daniel Giles, co-founder. With a PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science, Dan is our analytical expert and IT wizard. When we founded our company, Dan began work on a custom data analysis software which is currently operating at a 68% hit rate!
Sarah O'Neil

Lastly, there’s Sarah O’Neil who joined us a little later. Sarah grew up around horses and has been a professional horse trainer since 2005. She is a well respected name in the industry.


Hi, I’m Mike Dando and I’d like to personally welcome you to Pro Racing Elite.

Unlike every other back-bedroom tipster site on the web, our business model is one of complete professionalism with a customer-focused approach.

From the moment you join us tothe moment you receive your first selections email, and every day thereafter, you will be blown away by the dedication and thoroughness of our service.

Before we go any further, I know what you’re really interested in; THE GREEN STUFF;

With our top-quality race selections, members each make a minimum of £1,750 per week (and never less than £1,000 – that’s our quality guarantee!)

But while that may be a nice bit of extra pocket money for our high-end clients, we know that £1,750 weekly is a life changing amount of money for some people.

When you’re making £7,500 each month from racing, you don’t have to worry about work, debt or bills as you’ll have a continually high income stream to keep your bank balance permanently topped up!

With daily selections from Pro Racing Elite, you’ll quickly be able to do all the things you’ve ever wanted, such as buy a sports car or travel to Australia.


And as you would expect with an Elite tipster service, all the hard work is done by us. Our high-end clients (footballers, actors, bankers and even jockeys) don’t want to spend a minute of their valuable time looking through monotonous race data and statistics. So we handle all of that at our end and only send the client what they really need to know; HOW TO BET!

This means that ANYONE can make money with our selections. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. With our tips you’ll make more than £1,700 every single week. AND making heaps of cash takes just a few minutes each day and you can do it all from home.

“We make it our business to trial and review every new tipping service that operates in the UK. Pro Racing Elite stood out to us for a number of reasons. Firstly, their emphasis on service. This company puts the customer first. Such an ethos differs from the vast majority of online tipping sites. Secondly, the hit-rate attained and maintained by their data analysis software is notably higher than the norm. Overall we rate Pro Racing Elite 9/10”

UK Tipsters Committee.


“A high scorer across the board. High performing tips, excellent customer service, very good overall customer experience, two years of consistently high standards. Pro Racing Elite has our seal of approval.”

London Tipster Association.
“My schedule is extremely busy. I don’t have time for timewasters or wonnabes. I needed a service that would hand me the best possible results on a silver platter, allowing me to place bets in just 5 minutes in the morning. I found that service in Pro Racing Elite. These guys are professional and consistent. If you’re looking for a reliable tipster service I wouldn’t look anywhere other than Pro Racing Elite.”

Steve Barson, London Banker.

Dan and I first crossed paths about 4 years ago at a tech startup event and stayed in regular contact for the two years that followed. He was a fan of horse racing and I needed a numbers guy to put all my bookkeeper knowledge to good use and turn it into winning tips.

We began work on Pro Racing Elite in August 2015. Later that year, with Sarah’s input, we were able to produce the data analysis software which is currently in operationwith a 65%+ hit rate.

When it came to creating our brand and promoting our service, we noticed a gap in the market. We realised that most of the other tipster companies out there were trashy and badly run, with customers often feeling neglecting and unsatisfied.

What’s more, there didn’t seem to be a service on the market that was targeted towards high-end clients such as the rich and the famous. They were having to make do with the same crappy tipster sites used by every other hopeful punter.

And so, we decided that Pro Racing Elite would be the best of the best. We already had the perfect product. Now all we had to do was create the perfect overall customer experience and the high-end clientele would come to us and stay with us.

And that’s where we are today. Offering elite level tips and premium service to high-end clients.

For our phenomenal service, our clients pay £399.99 per month (which, considering the guaranteed monthly returns, is very reasonable!)

But I’m not asking you for £399.99.

Recently we realised that, at the current price, our service is out of reach for ordinary, hard working punters. Not everyone has £399.99 to get started (even if you’re guaranteed to make that back right away).

That's why today we're giving 20 lucky punters
the opportunity to join our service for
just £29.99!!!

60 day money back guarantee

And, as we take payment through ClickBank, you’ll be entitled to a full refund within 60 days if you’re not completely happy with our service.

You have nothing to lose!

Join Pro Racing Elite today and enjoy betting in VIP style.

You’ll find no better tipping service anywhere on the web.

Don’t waster another second of your time with service that simple don’t work. Join Pro Racing Elite now for the most gratifying experience of your betting career.

Best regards,

Mike Dando.

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